Nursery 2

It is a form of exercise that allows you to interact with nature and is an important activity, as well as a creative way out of everyday life!

Learn to Plant

In the nursery, there is a workshop for young and old alike, where one learns the process of planting. Becoming familiar with the different species of plants available in the Garden, their placement, their care and seasonal importance, one can eventually understand the logic of planting a garden. By the end of the visit, the student/visitor transforms themself into the gardener. By learning to transplant, or seeding or generally taking care of a plant, one can hopefully transfer this knowledge to their own garden experience.

The Nursery

Purpose of the workshop

Combining learning with fun. Children come into contact with the natural environment and learn to respect nature. It stimulates creativity while enhancing feelings of self-confidence, pride, responsibility and cooperation.


The lab follows the Montessori learning method, where through an "exploratory" learning model, plant learning and care is gained through materials and less through direct instruction.