Aluminum Foundry 2

The foundry workshop aims to familiarize participants with traditional metal-related techniques and procedures.


Aluminum Foundry

At the foundry workshop, participants become familiar with traditional metal techniques and procedures. At the same time, one learns in theory how man used casting to make metal objects thousands of years ago From the peoples of Mesopotamia, to the craftsmen in Ancient Athens, to the later metal works, the casting method has always been of interest. At the end of the foundry tour, participants are asked to recycle their own aluminum piece by transforming it into an object of their choice.


Purpose of the workshop

The workshop is aimed at recycling. Students collect empty used aluminum cans and melt them in an aluminum foundry. In this workshop, children have the opportunity to make their own molds and take with them their new aluminum object.


The workshop follows the Montessori learning method, where through an 'exploratory' learning model, learning of visual activity is acquired through materials and less through direct instruction.

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